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Making the change to healthy nutrition!

As challenging as it may seem, switching your dog from their existing diet can be easy and stress free for both of you.  In a matter of weeks your dog will start to feel and show the benefits of the Dogmatters RAW Diet.

Dogmatters RAW Diet is suitable for puppies, dogs of all ages and lactating mothers                     

What does the Dogmatters RAW Diet and product range consist of?

Dogmatters uses only the best quality natural, wholesome, fresh and raw ingredients in the manufacture of our food

Dogmatters does not add any preservatives, salts, dyes, colours to our raw food

Dogmatters is able to verify the source of all of its raw products and only uses reputable suppliers

Dogmatters products have all been registered with the National Department of Agriculture and therefore is compliant with Act 36 of 1947

Complete Meals – (main component of the diet)

  • Available as chicken wings, chicken necks, chicken breasts, chicken heads, turkey, beef and tripe* ( * seasonal )
  • Made from raw meat (where applicable all bone matter), organ meat, vegetables and fruit
  • Rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals
  • Added garlic and kelp to aid in metabolic absorption
  • Available in 500g and 1kg packs

Raw Soft Pork Bones

  • A dog's body is designed to use bones as its main source of minerals and is excellent exercise for their jaw, shoulder and neck muscles
  • Bones release the same type of endorphins that human’s get from chocolate leaving them downright tail wagging happy!
  • Rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus
  • Pork bones are excellent teeth cleaners leaving your best friend's doggy breath fresh and sweet
  • Available in 1kg packs
  • Remember only to serve this to your dogs raw

Chicken Carcasses

  • High in calcium, fatty acids and protein
  • Available in 1kg packs
  • Remember only to serve this to your dogs raw


  • The Dogmatters RAW packaging has a superior design for convenience and easy storage
  • Leakage is minimized through high micron plastic packaging
  • Additionally the packaging protects the flavour, colour, moisture content and nutritional value of the food in the freezer

In summary, the following products are available:

  • Chicken Head - complete meal      
  • Chicken Necks - complete meal    
  • Chicken Breasts - complete meal
  • Chicken Wings - complete meal
  • Turkey - complete meal      
  • Beef - complete meal               
  • Tripe - complete meal    
  • Chicken carcass - whole
  • Pork Bones - whole