Making the change to healthy nutrition!

This change in your dogs’ diet can be easy and stress free for both of you. The most important factor to consider is what you are
currently feeding your dog.

•  If your dog is used to eating a variety of home-made foods, both cooked and raw, they are usually more accepting and there is less chance of an upset tummy
•  With processed food fed dogs, the change is much more exaggerated. There are two recommended methods of switching to the  Dogmatters B.A.R.F diet.

Rapid Switch - For most dogs and owners who have converted to the Dogmatters B.A.R.F Diet the rapid switch has proved to be the simplest and most trouble free way.

•  You simply do it by immediately replacing their current meals with Dogmatters B.A.R.F diet!

Before using this method, you need to consider whether your dog is suited to a quick change of diet

•  Young and healthy dogs with a relatively normal gastrointestinal system convert well with this method.
•  Dogs that are older have digestive problems or impaired immune systems may not be suited to the rapid switch.
•  Many older dogs that have eaten processed food all their lives (and occasionally some younger ones) cannot tolerate both raw food and processed mixed in their digestive tract. This can result in vomiting or diarrhea sometimes both. In this case there is no choice but to convert your dog using the rapid switch method.

Slow Switch – Depending on the circumstances this method of switching diets can take from one to four weeks, up to a few months

There are three ways to go about the slow switch.

•  Serve up one meal of the Dogmatters Raw and Natural Diet followed by one meal of the old diet, and slowly reduce servings of the old
•  Offer both diets mixed together at the same time, and slowly offer less of the old diet and more Dogmatters Raw and Natural diet.
   It’s important to note that some dogs may develop upset tummies as their digestive systems cannot tolerate two different
   types of food at once.
•  For dogs that eat a home cooked diet you may decide to introduce the new food in a cooked state, and gradually feed it rawer
   with each serving.

The Dogmatters Raw and Natural Diet is suitable for puppies, dogs of all ages and lactating mothers

Setting the Menu…

How to feed the Dogmatters Raw and Natural products

The Dogmatters Raw and Natural Diet consists of 3 products, made from only the best quality natural, wholesome, raw ingredients

Complete Minced Meals form the main component of the diet

•  Available as Chicken wings, Chicken necks, Chicken breasts, chicken heads,turkey, beef, and tripe
•  Available in 500g and 1kg packs

Raw Soft Pork Bones

Available in 1kg packs

Chicken carcasses

Available in 1kg pack

The Dogmatters B.A.R.F products are designed to be fed complimentary to each other to harness the maximum benefits of the
Dogmatters B.A.R.F Diet for your dog.

Here is an example of how you could combine the Dogmatters B.A.R.F products into your dogs’ weekly menu

    MORNING Chicken Breasts Chicken Carcass Beef Chicken Necks Chicken Heads Chicken Carcasss Chicken Breasts
    EVENING Chicken Breasts Beef Pork Bone Chicken Necks Chicken Heads Chicken Breasts Pork Bone