Dogmatters RAW

What is the Dogmatters RAW Diet and why should you feed it to your dog?

RAW is an acronym for RAW APPROPRIATE FOOD
The Dogmatters RAW Diet mimics the natural diet of our dogs by using biologically appropriate raw foods consisting of  meat, organ meat, bones, fruit and vegetables

The Dogmatters RAW Diet is manufactured to the highest hygiene standards in our facility using fresh produce sourced from the markets daily
Our manufacturing process aims to achieve optimum nutritional retention in the food

Why raw food?

Quite simply nature did not intend for dogs to eat cooked food, their ancestors hunted and killed their food. Nature's balanced and nutritious diet was delivered by eating the entire carcass consisting of:

The skin, meat and organs, bones and stomach content

Cooking dog food renders it biologically inappropriate as:

  • It loses much of its nutritional value
  • Loses enzymes and biologically active essential fatty acid  which when damaged by heat and oxygen, slowly poison the system, doing irreparable damage
  • Cooking also produces carcinogens and anti-immunogens
  • Many minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins become indigestible


When using Dogmatters RAW Diet you can be assured that: 

  • we add no artificial preservatives, colourants, flavourings, wheat, corn or soy
  • only natural and wholesome ingredients are used
  • we go the extra mile in sourcing quality raw products from the markets daily
  • our diet is produced under the strictest hygiene control in our production facility